Advertisement Psychology - The Call-to-action

The dynamics of every good advertisement, includes a very simple, yet essential element.

And it’s not anything to do with the picture.

The primary purpose of an ad can be to inform, to sell a product, to offer a service, to cause brand awareness, or so it goes.

However, apart from the purpose of the ad, a very essential element, that is quite intimately tied into the purpose of the ad, is what we call, the call-to-action.

The call-to-action is the game-changer.

Imagine for an instance that you’re looking at an ad, that advertises a scrumptious, mouth-watering slice of pizza.

..and towards the bottom, as you picture this delicious treat, is a phone number, that says,

“Order before the 25th, and grab your 50% discount!”

That text right there, together with a button, or a phone number, is the call-to-action.

..that entices the viewer, the visitor, the potential customer, into becoming a customer.

The next time you decide to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising, don’t forget to have a suitable call-to-action.

You need a return-on-investment on your ad. And you could either win more customers, or lose ad dollars, and it could depend on how appropriately you’ve designed your call-to-action.

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