Underdog is a half-social CSR initiative by LeapDifferent.com that helps (selected) individuals / businesses maneuver economically challenging times, with our well-anchored expertise.

With Underdog, we’ll take your business and turn it upside down, fine tune what’s working, drop what’s not, draft new strategies, roll up our sleeves, and throw all we got to get that businesses back on the map, on track, and profitably churning some bills.

Underdog is half-social initiative, where we’re not for profit, and sometimes are for profit.

Depending on the scenario and position of your business, we’ll sign a legal contract with you that’ll give us leverage and legal authorisation, and authority to autonomously run certain aspects of your business for a specified time frame in order to smartly maximize your business’ profits.

For certain businesses, Underdog will sometimes take a profit share of these aspects of the business as per the contract between us. This in turn helps us cover costs, and at the same time makes it more-possible for us to assist others who are further down the charts economically.

The Underdog Definition

To us, the Underdog definition is someone who even if he/she loses a battle, is intent on winning the war.

Being an Underdog can mean being smaller, less experienced, and perceived as a not-so-big-a-threat competitor; Yet perhaps more talented, more driven, more dedicated, and determined. With courage, and pluck, on-route to take on and overcome the bigger and greater competitors.

Who is eligible for Underdog Support?

Individuals and businesses economically challenged can request Underdog digital/physical business development, and support. However eligibility is on a case to case basis. Some factors that we take into account include:

  1. The type of your business
  2. Attitude
  3. Locality

Acceptance into the Underdog program is purely at our discretion and only after a clear and thorough assessment of several factors.

How can I apply?

Send us an email to underdog [at] leapdifferent.com and we'll go from there.

What is Underdog "Site-Up"?

Site-Up enables businesses with a complete e-commerce site* and looked after by us, with no design charges, hosting charges, or domain charges to pull you down, and paying only 35$ a month, or a lesser 370$ a year.

At LeapDifferent we charge our clients design fees, hosting fees, domain fees, and so on. And we've seen individuals and businesses come to us requiring our services, only to sometimes "have the wind knocked out of them" at our quotations.

Site-Up with Underdog does it differently. If your business is really in the dumps, then Underdog is not for profit.

And if your business really really really can't afford LeapDifferent charges, then perhaps Underdog Site-Up charges might fit your pocket more affordably, and that's what Underdog is here for.

Can I buy you a coffee?

If you believe, and you only strongly believe, we made a difference to you, or someone you know, (and we didn't take a profit share of that business) and you want to buy us a coffee and show your support, we don't mind your kind-hearted gesture.

If we did take a profit share for our efforts, then our services were commercial. So you shouldn't buy us a coffee in that case.

– Underdog, a half-social initiative by LeapDifferent.com –