Where can I find people I can hire as affiliates for my products?

An interesting question.

Affiliates are invested in “what’s in it for them”, and the risk or difficulty vs rewards of your business.

The deal needs to be conveyed (advertised) as such to the prospective affiliate, so they clearly see the potential of your deal.

  1. Clear infographics / ads describing the affiliate program. For example:
    Affiliate program of PropertyPost.lk
  2. A web page designed that describes the affiliate program.
  3. Setup an affiliate dashboard with link tracking, etc that makes it easy for affiliates to generate and track their links, earnings, etc…

NOW, you need to capture the affiliate. Not every affiliate has the strong potential of bringing you sales. So to find the best affiliate, you need to work with recognised blogs and bloggers pretty much in the industry of your product.

Say for example, if the product is something to do with tech, then reach out to tech blogs and bloggers for a shout-out on the product in return for an affiliate commission.

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